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Speakers and amps
just not enough room for everything

In-wall speakers for the car?
ADS plate speakers, these were the stuff back in the day.
Grandma's SPL monster
Old CV Stroker from a theater system
Alpine 6012
Very nice sub, probably has about 7 mm of Xmax
I hooked it up, no sound!
That's because you forgot the amps
Thanks to BASF from Carsound for the scan
Phase Linear???
Talk about a long screwed up history. They make really good home amps. They get bought up by International Jensen. Jensen makes a 'high-end' car line using the Phase Linear name (I had a PLA-234 and 2100, they were excellent). Recoton buys in. The name reverts overseas, but remains in the states. The overseas company makes excellent equipment, including the Aliante' sub. The state side company makes crap...blister packed 200 watt amps for 50 bux. hmmmm
This and the 45 could get hot enough to melt the solder off the boards....is that a good thing?