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Online Car Audio Museum

Before the days of neon, chrome, and head units with screen savers, there was lots of good/old/weird/unique equipment out there
The museum is growing. Now there are separate pages for H/Us and processors, amps, and speakers.

Alpine 7909

No dolphins or race cars. What h/u's today aspire to be.

Carver made head units?
Blaupunkt Radio
Not only is it a pull out...its portable!
Phillips 45 RPM car record player
Tired of those snobby home audiophiles talking about the superiority of vinyl? Now you can show em.
The Good Stuff
EQ/boosters were IT!
Cheesy shaft mounts....
Nakamichi 1200 was one of the best cassette heads ever. The entire center section motorizes out to expose the tape tray.
Told ya'
And still no sceensavers
Circa 1987 - Thanks to BASF from Carsound for the scan.
Gear shift, e-brake, or EQ?
Blaupunkt stalk mount EQ -- Thanks to BASF from Carsound for the scan
Pre-cursor to the P9 Combo
Underdash Pioneer 8-track
But you have to have the optional EQ
MP3 Adapter?
Nope just something to play those new fangled cassettes in your 8 track
1st Gen Cd players
Thanks to BASF from Carsound for the scan
Disc Cartridges????
Imagine a 1 disc CD changer magazine... yes they were a pain in the butt.