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B.O.T. -- Boring Old Taurus

My DREAM Car..........not!
1995 Ford Taurus. Baby Blue. grrrrr. But it's been paid off for a long time, works good, and has a pretty good sound system...

Am now in process of a building a house, no competition this year.

I have spent big bucks to make this car conform to ADM (American Domestic Market) specs

As you can tell, I've spared no expense... Including dropping 20 big ones on a replacement hubcap

Alpine CDA-7995

Behringer 8024 Ultra Curve Pro - maybe later

Alpine 7995 installed

What's this stuck up under the dash on the passenger side?

And another one behind the fuse box on the drivers side!

Looks like the wires come from here...

I wonder what that little black box is? Can't see any speakers...

Unfinished trunk

Adire Brahma 12

Linear Power 2502 IQ. Runs all 4 speakers through a passive xover network

Bottom trim piece cut

Front piece cut

Finished product, simple, yet plain


How dark is that tint?