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Mobile Audio Related Sites

Elite Car Audio One of the best ones out there, usually flame free
Carsound Has some of the most respected people posting here. Also has some idiots, but they are few.
Team Amp
Sponsored by Ampman Audio, the most popular place is the Adire Audio forum.
Sound Illusions.net Smaller board, but alot of knowledgeable people. Home to the Elemental Designs forum.

Places to spend your money
Parts Express More DIY stuff than you can shake a bent up coat hanger at
Ampman Audio Authorized online dealer for everything they sell.
Ikesound Unauthorized for everything they sell...but some of the best prices on the net
Adire Audio Dan Wiggins and David Hyre put together some of the best budget speakers around, including the Brahma
Elemental Designs Ben is well on his way to being a car audio heavyweight
Select Products Awesome install stuff, but be prepared to drop the big bux
Sound Domain

Updated 10-02